Local Lead Generation

Local Lead Generation Services

We are a group of online marketers who are experienced in the various techniques that are currently being successfully employed by businesses that use the Internet to lead prospects back to them.
Our goal is find you local prospects who need your service NOW! We don’t act as a middle man, and in fact your prospects won’t even know that we exist. All of the prospects will be contacting you directly by phone or email (although the vast majority will call you by phone).

Lead Generation ServicesOur target is to ramp up the service to get you between 25 and 30 calls per month, and if we get more, then you’ll not be charged any additional fees. You simply close as much business as you can handle.

We won’t ask you to sign any kind of contract and you’re free to cancel the service at any point when you think it is no longer cost-effective for you to continue.

Once we work with you, we will not work with your competitors in your chosen city. For each business we contract with it is on a city-by-city basis. Of course you’re free to select more than one city if you wish, but each will be treated as a separate subscription.

Payments must be made each month via automatic debit (PayPal or Credit Card), and non-payment will be deemed as you’re wish to cancel the service.


Do I have to have a PayPal account to subscribe?

Although we use PayPal as our payment processor with this service, you don’t necessarily have to have an existing PayPal account to make payments. You can still pay on PayPal using your credit card. However, since this is an automatic payment plan, PayPal will still need to keep your credit card information on record so they can withdraw the correct amount each month.

Can I take breaks from subscribing?

Unfortunately we cannot allow clients to take unpaid breaks from the service, as it potentially means losing other clients if you subsequently choose not to come back to the service. Remember we’re exclusive to you in your chosen city while you are subscribed, so by remaining on the program without taking breaks means you’re locking out your competition.

If I subscribe for more than one city do I pay more than the advertised subscription fee?

Yes, the advertised subscription fee is per city! Remember, we remain exclusive to you for each city that you subscribe to. So if you’re targeting 5 cities, we couldn’t afford to then exclude other businesses from subscribing to our services in all 5 cities while you only pay one subscription fee. If you can only afford to pay one subscription fee, then we would suggest you choose the one that has the biggest potential and will yield most calls from prospects for you.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

No, not at all! We don’t wish to make our clients continue to use us by forcing them to sign any kind of contract. We know that if we deliver on our promises then our clients will want to continue using our services anyway. So if we don’t deliver the volume of customers that you need to justify using our services then simply cancel without fear of any kind financial penalty being imposed.

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    Kipp Bodnar, Inbound Marketing Strategist (B2B Marketing) at HubSpot
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    Chris Brogan, Author/President of Human Business Works
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